Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey!! These are pic from my actual birthday day! This one is

a present from my BFF tay. Her and her mom put this together for me

Its pictures from when we first met in 4th grade to now in the

last quarter of 7th grade.

We went to dinner at RA a sushi bar. It was
tons of fun.

This is me and my mom at RA. Oh yea I was waiting tell everyone came down to tell you this but I cut all my hair off! I got it cut to shoulder length and got bangs.

As some of you may know my dream car. When I saw it I had to get a pic.

This is the front door of the toy store at ceasers palace. You an actually go inside of it! It is two stories tall!!

This is an ugly doll (never heard of it). They are actually smaller.

This one is for trayson. When I saw it it reminded me of him.
This is the giant juicy store ( for those of you that don't know I'm obsessed)

This is one of the staues of the greek gods in the ceasures palace.

Keep scrolling down the next post has more!!!

Ok so it has been a while since i updated this!!!!!
I had my 13th B-day pary last week and it will be one we won't forget. No its not because I'm a teenager now ( two years and I get my permet!!!!) or that all of my BFF's were there. It's that one of them fell flat on her face while giving my other friends, Zoes, brother a piggy back ride. She chipped her tooth and gets it fixed next week. She also maneged to convince all the boys at our school it was a hockey accident.

This is Landrey (you made that face I am not taking it off Landrey) you can see her in other valentines day pics.
These are all my friends at the party. (from left to right top to bottom, Zoe, Emily, Katy, Landrey, Jordan, and Taylor) As you can see Jordan looks pretty beat up.

Jojo also came to vist on my birthday and the day after we went to the Bellogio. This is Gage drinking out of the chocolate foutain. JK!

This was in the gardens at the Bellogio....

A lovely snail made out of rosess.

I think this is the coolest flower ever I want it!

And of corse a Lady bug which reminds me we have a afid infestation in our front yard. So we went over to the nurserey and bought like three hundred of them to set lose!!!
I also got my own baby Snap Dragon. I will take pics to post.

This is baby Quinn the day he left...........

..........and this is the fam leaving (sob sob)