Monday, April 13, 2009

For those of you that don't know I am kinda afraid of heights. Yet last year I went two times and I some how maneged to go climb a trail on red rock and come out unscratched. But that was last year. this Easter we climbed Ice Box Canyon, one of the hardest trails in Red Rock ( for bolder scrambling and it was 5 miles round trip). There was a small water fall at the end and deep ponds.

It didn't get to scary until the end, I lead the way to the water fall with every one truing to keep up at first. As you can see here we weren't even in the Canyon yet.
This is the bottom of the falls and even though it looks like me and Gage are higher up we are no more than 1 foot off the ground.

Then from where I was standing in the picture above I took this one. as you can see there is three levels to the falls. First where I was standing then the one above that then where the big pond is which is about sixty feet deep. It was about imposable to reach the top layer so we aimed for the bottom. ( which was about thirty of so feet up.)

Even though you can't see it here the edge is very close to me and this is where I officially went into semi-panic attack. In this picture I may be smiling but its just a cover up.

Well with mom and dads help I got up and over came my semi-panic attack. This is a picture I took of the smaller pond while mom & dad tried to figure out how to get the taller pond. Then mom came down to my level and waited for the next group of family's to come up. By that time there was just over ten people up there. Then mom says, " How are we going to get down?". There was four kids total up there now me and a boy from the other family being the oldest. We all got a little freaked out. Then me, having just recovered from my ascend up the rock, had a full fledged panic attack. I about refused to go down. But with Dad, Mom, a lady who I did not get the name of, and some encouraging words from gage I made it out unscratched.

I also made THE SWEETEST EASTER EGGS EVER but the pictures wont down load so I'll get back to you on those.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello! Just the other day my family went to Nevada Springs Preserve where they had all these cool exhibits about Las Vegas! This is one of the lizards that live in Nevada it is called a Gila Monster (its like 2ft long!)

This is a giant Tarantula it was so cool.

This was the worst part of the whole thing, it was so sad how they kept a fox pinned up like that.

I was so scared to take this picture I thought the flash would wake up the bats!

This is part of the flash flood exhibit which you will be hearing about later.....

That cactus was about as big as a house!

This turtle made us just want to get one more the stamp was sad though.
Me and Gage on a train with a bunch of statues that talked.

A little rabbit..

And this was the Flash Flood exhibit I was telling you about. Here in Vegas the ground wont soak up the water so it runs down the mountain. That causes floods like these and it can happen in minuets. ( P.S. not a real flood)