Sunday, October 11, 2009

I just went on the New York New York Roller Coaster!! Me and Tay have been planning to go on it sense the beginning of summer so we were so exited! It hurt my shoulders a lot but it was so fun! And because we were locals we got to go on again for free! Plus on the C looking loop (arrow) supposedly we had negative Gs.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last night me and Taylor had a sleepover and watched The Uninvited (I totaly recomend it! Amazing movie and I loved the ending!)

Then in the morning we went and meet Landrey at the park. Soooooooooooooo here are some pics I took.

As you can see we had a sisterhood of the traveling sunglasses.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phenix's Eye

Yesterday Tay ,Landrey and I went to the movie (500) days of summer. It is really good but just an FYI it is a little slow and doesn't go in chronological order. After we spent about $10 on pictures so we each had two strips.

I was really board today so I pulled out my camera to take some pictures of my eyes. I took like 800 but these are my favorites. Take a close look at all of them.
I SWEAR that I took these pictures. They ARE NOT EDITED. This is exactly what they looked like when I took them. EXACTLY.

If you still don't get it look at that last one one more time.

If you do get but don't believe me think about Gages room. If you don't know whats in his room or you just can't figure it out, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Before I start I want to give a shout out to Taylor and Landrey the two coolest TMS cheerleaders ever!
I can't wait for Halloween!! It is my favorite holiday EVER!!!! This is the last year I'm going trick or treating though. ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶ ( I dont think I'd want a high schooler Trick-or-Treating at my door). So I cant wait to show off my costume at dads work party!!!! This year I'm going to be a Flapper from the 20's. This is the costume I'm going to wear but with a few changes. i'm going to have a feather head band and a cigarette holder. The rest is the same (including the wig). Comment and tell if you like it or any suggestions you have!

On Friday Tay, Landrey , Gage , and I went to the park by my house.

Gage recently started football with dad as his coach. His BFF Jake is on the team too. Jake is Tay's little bro so we get to hang out at the games.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleep over!

Last night I had a sleep over with Tay and Landrey! It was so fun we made rice krispies treats and had ice cream.

I also showed them my all time favorite movie, Lost Boys! I love that movie but you never realize how gory a movie is tell I watch it with someone else.

Speaking of movies I've been watching a lot lately on TV. These include, 300, Field of Dreams, and Double Jeopardy. 300 was so good! It was very fake though with the blood and gore (plus the fact it took place in ancient Greek with all the gods, immortals, and magicians helped). Double Jeapordy was very interesting and I couldn't stop crying in Fiels of Dreams.

We (Tay, Landrey and me) were looking at movie trailers that we want to see. Some of them include Soroity Row, Jennifer's Body, and Stepfather. They look so good!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I went to a Desert Oasis (our high school) game last night. It was so much fun!!!!!!!! I hung out with Tay, Landrey, and a bunch of my Guy Friends. We won 38 to 7 or somthing like that. When we came in though I had to take everything out of my pockets then they had a metal detector thing they scanned my with! It was so crazy!
Happy Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pray mantis

Today we found a Pray mantis in our yard! She was huge I got my camera and took some cool pics! She had a shell she had just shed that I need to get from the yard still though I'll post pics of that later thought.

Then our neighbor and her nephew were looking at Olive Oil when Gage came out with the Pray mantis on his hand!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey! I found the coolest photo editing site! Its called picnik and this is a photo I made from it! Its really fun and I have a link to it under Fun websites on the side! This is the original pic next to the new one!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey! Last night I saw a a shooting star! There was a meteor shower and me and my mom stayed up to watch it! It was so cool but we couldn't see it to well because of the strip.
I got my schedule today! Algebra Honors is an advanced freshman class!

World Geography 8 Tibesaur
PE 8 Barberie
Spanish 1 Vosburg
Acc English 8 Silvels
Algebra Honors 1 Maes
Science 8 Horinger
Homeroom 8 Horinger

I'm going to be in 8th grade this year! Top of the school! Then in a year I'll be a freshman and go to school with 18 year olds. In three years I'll be driving, in five years I'll be graduating!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The other day we had our first Vegas storm! It thundered every night for awhile then one day it started pouring! there was a waterfall off the roof and the rain was coming at you sideways! the whole yard was a pond. Olive Oil was drinking the water off the cement and me and Gage were having a ball!
We went to see Harry Potter and I was very disappointed. They changed a lot of the plot from the book and left out parts. But I guess that's what I get for reading the book first.Me and Mom were just buying songs from itunes and had a blast from the past. We put songs like Mickey, I Hate Myself For Loving You, and Paradise City.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey!!!! Yesterday I had my first dance recital in about 4 years! I wont lie though I HATED the costumes! They had nothing to do with the dance and were so cheap. But on another note the company girls had like six different dances and they were amazing! For there last dance they had huge high heels on that looked so hard to dance in! After the recital we went to the elephant bar and we had the same waiter (Hunter) as we did when we went with Yoshi (Josh). Grandpa John came down and my Grandma Cindy would have but she is sick and couldn't make it (hope she feels better!).
I'm so excited for this week because i start my Jr. Lifeguard program and summer dance classes. I'm doing Lifeguards with my BFFs Landrey and Taylor so I get to spend time with them. Then the next weekend I'm going to Mesquite for fathers day from the 19th - 22nd where I get to see Grandpa John again and my Utah family. After that the Utah family and us get a four day break before we go down there!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every year on the last day of school my teachers say ," Come back in one piece" , "Be careful!!!" or " Promise me you wont get hurt and read a book" is the latest (Ms. Finley ). Well I'm only two days into summer and I've already broke that promise. I pulled my muscle that connects your abs to your chest. Yesterday it hurt constantly and it just proves how much you use your abs. Well I had to Advil's yesterday and went to sleep with an ice pack and now it feels fine which is a relief because I have a dance recital today!!!! I should probably tell you how I pulled it huh? Me and mom were working out and I was using her Bose Ball (Not gonna be using that for awhile). So wish me luck for my recital!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today I woke up at 4 in the morning because of a HUGE summer rain storm. For awhile I thought it was cool until I remembered Olive Oil ( our new tortoise's nick name you can see my moms blog to see more about her ) . For those of you who haven't seen her burrow it is like a big drain. Me and mom burst out of are rooms at the same time and ran out side. There was a huge puddle but barley any had got to her burrow. We where safe to brain storm on how to get her out. Or so we thought. Not five minuets later me and mom go check on her and she is completely covered in water!I stayed to watch her while mom ran to get something to pull her out. Meanwhile the rain is still pouring and that means more water. Mom woke dad up and then found a mop, fishing pole, and some electricians tape. I have no idea if she is dead or not and if she is alive how long she can hold her breath for. I held a flash light while mom tried to pull her out. Then Olive woke up and helped us by trying to climb out. We were so relived but what would have happened if we weren't home? Right now Olive Oil is in a small box in the boats, sports, and travel room sleeping away. and her burrow is completely filled with water. The rain has stopped now just in time for me to go to school. See you guess later and scroll down!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey sorry its been like three months since I've blogged! So you guys remember Jordan, right? The one who took me to Ms.America and to meet the Jo Bros? Well here is her latest unveil! She just joined the club and turned 13. She is Jewish which means she threw a HUGE bat mitzvah. It was at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino. She themed it like a club and called it JG-13. It was complete with a bar, DJ, dance floor, buffet, and a red carpet.

This is my red carpet picture. About ten minuets later we realized that we could go threw as many times as we wanted. I ended up taking 21 pictures this is just a sample......
The girl on the left is Jordan. You can see that after awhile we took our shoes off.
This is Katy and I hate getting my picture by her. I am 5' and she is about 5' 5". I am shorter than most of my friends too. Katy doesn't like to dance on the floor with us ( surprisingly she is a cheer leader though) and is shy. So she wouldn't strike a pose and as your about to see this is one of the mellower pictures.

This is me and Landrey doing our best imitation of Charlies Angels.

This is Emily the one person I am taller than. She can make a face like no tomorrow. This is one of my favorite pictures.

And this is Zoe she has the funniest personality ever! This was also one of the only times I will see her in a dress too.

Ok from left to right , Taylor, Jordan, me, and Emily.

These are my first best friends I made in Vegas. we've known each other since 4th grade.

From left to right, Landrey, Jojo, me, and Taylor.

In this picture we decided to pick someone up and i was the smallest!

This is all the people I knew at the party. Then later that night me and Taylor got to stay in the party suite. It had a view of the Beligio and one of the walls was just window it was so fun!

I saved the best for last, this is my favorite picture! Don't freak out the're Shirley Temples. This is me and Taylor.Kinda off topic but what i thought was so sweet was in the speech Jordan gave at the service she thank me and Taylor for being her friends!

Monday, April 13, 2009

For those of you that don't know I am kinda afraid of heights. Yet last year I went two times and I some how maneged to go climb a trail on red rock and come out unscratched. But that was last year. this Easter we climbed Ice Box Canyon, one of the hardest trails in Red Rock ( for bolder scrambling and it was 5 miles round trip). There was a small water fall at the end and deep ponds.

It didn't get to scary until the end, I lead the way to the water fall with every one truing to keep up at first. As you can see here we weren't even in the Canyon yet.
This is the bottom of the falls and even though it looks like me and Gage are higher up we are no more than 1 foot off the ground.

Then from where I was standing in the picture above I took this one. as you can see there is three levels to the falls. First where I was standing then the one above that then where the big pond is which is about sixty feet deep. It was about imposable to reach the top layer so we aimed for the bottom. ( which was about thirty of so feet up.)

Even though you can't see it here the edge is very close to me and this is where I officially went into semi-panic attack. In this picture I may be smiling but its just a cover up.

Well with mom and dads help I got up and over came my semi-panic attack. This is a picture I took of the smaller pond while mom & dad tried to figure out how to get the taller pond. Then mom came down to my level and waited for the next group of family's to come up. By that time there was just over ten people up there. Then mom says, " How are we going to get down?". There was four kids total up there now me and a boy from the other family being the oldest. We all got a little freaked out. Then me, having just recovered from my ascend up the rock, had a full fledged panic attack. I about refused to go down. But with Dad, Mom, a lady who I did not get the name of, and some encouraging words from gage I made it out unscratched.

I also made THE SWEETEST EASTER EGGS EVER but the pictures wont down load so I'll get back to you on those.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello! Just the other day my family went to Nevada Springs Preserve where they had all these cool exhibits about Las Vegas! This is one of the lizards that live in Nevada it is called a Gila Monster (its like 2ft long!)

This is a giant Tarantula it was so cool.

This was the worst part of the whole thing, it was so sad how they kept a fox pinned up like that.

I was so scared to take this picture I thought the flash would wake up the bats!

This is part of the flash flood exhibit which you will be hearing about later.....

That cactus was about as big as a house!

This turtle made us just want to get one more the stamp was sad though.
Me and Gage on a train with a bunch of statues that talked.

A little rabbit..

And this was the Flash Flood exhibit I was telling you about. Here in Vegas the ground wont soak up the water so it runs down the mountain. That causes floods like these and it can happen in minuets. ( P.S. not a real flood)