Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey sorry its been like three months since I've blogged! So you guys remember Jordan, right? The one who took me to Ms.America and to meet the Jo Bros? Well here is her latest unveil! She just joined the club and turned 13. She is Jewish which means she threw a HUGE bat mitzvah. It was at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino. She themed it like a club and called it JG-13. It was complete with a bar, DJ, dance floor, buffet, and a red carpet.

This is my red carpet picture. About ten minuets later we realized that we could go threw as many times as we wanted. I ended up taking 21 pictures this is just a sample......
The girl on the left is Jordan. You can see that after awhile we took our shoes off.
This is Katy and I hate getting my picture by her. I am 5' and she is about 5' 5". I am shorter than most of my friends too. Katy doesn't like to dance on the floor with us ( surprisingly she is a cheer leader though) and is shy. So she wouldn't strike a pose and as your about to see this is one of the mellower pictures.

This is me and Landrey doing our best imitation of Charlies Angels.

This is Emily the one person I am taller than. She can make a face like no tomorrow. This is one of my favorite pictures.

And this is Zoe she has the funniest personality ever! This was also one of the only times I will see her in a dress too.

Ok from left to right , Taylor, Jordan, me, and Emily.

These are my first best friends I made in Vegas. we've known each other since 4th grade.

From left to right, Landrey, Jojo, me, and Taylor.

In this picture we decided to pick someone up and i was the smallest!

This is all the people I knew at the party. Then later that night me and Taylor got to stay in the party suite. It had a view of the Beligio and one of the walls was just window it was so fun!

I saved the best for last, this is my favorite picture! Don't freak out the're Shirley Temples. This is me and Taylor.Kinda off topic but what i thought was so sweet was in the speech Jordan gave at the service she thank me and Taylor for being her friends!


  1. Wow Phen! You are absolutely gorgeous and the party sounds like a BLAST! SO when are we going to get to see you guys again? Coming to visit Jojo anytime soon? We sure hope so! Love ya!

  2. that was sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!