Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey!!!! Yesterday I had my first dance recital in about 4 years! I wont lie though I HATED the costumes! They had nothing to do with the dance and were so cheap. But on another note the company girls had like six different dances and they were amazing! For there last dance they had huge high heels on that looked so hard to dance in! After the recital we went to the elephant bar and we had the same waiter (Hunter) as we did when we went with Yoshi (Josh). Grandpa John came down and my Grandma Cindy would have but she is sick and couldn't make it (hope she feels better!).
I'm so excited for this week because i start my Jr. Lifeguard program and summer dance classes. I'm doing Lifeguards with my BFFs Landrey and Taylor so I get to spend time with them. Then the next weekend I'm going to Mesquite for fathers day from the 19th - 22nd where I get to see Grandpa John again and my Utah family. After that the Utah family and us get a four day break before we go down there!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every year on the last day of school my teachers say ," Come back in one piece" , "Be careful!!!" or " Promise me you wont get hurt and read a book" is the latest (Ms. Finley ). Well I'm only two days into summer and I've already broke that promise. I pulled my muscle that connects your abs to your chest. Yesterday it hurt constantly and it just proves how much you use your abs. Well I had to Advil's yesterday and went to sleep with an ice pack and now it feels fine which is a relief because I have a dance recital today!!!! I should probably tell you how I pulled it huh? Me and mom were working out and I was using her Bose Ball (Not gonna be using that for awhile). So wish me luck for my recital!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today I woke up at 4 in the morning because of a HUGE summer rain storm. For awhile I thought it was cool until I remembered Olive Oil ( our new tortoise's nick name you can see my moms blog to see more about her ) . For those of you who haven't seen her burrow it is like a big drain. Me and mom burst out of are rooms at the same time and ran out side. There was a huge puddle but barley any had got to her burrow. We where safe to brain storm on how to get her out. Or so we thought. Not five minuets later me and mom go check on her and she is completely covered in water!I stayed to watch her while mom ran to get something to pull her out. Meanwhile the rain is still pouring and that means more water. Mom woke dad up and then found a mop, fishing pole, and some electricians tape. I have no idea if she is dead or not and if she is alive how long she can hold her breath for. I held a flash light while mom tried to pull her out. Then Olive woke up and helped us by trying to climb out. We were so relived but what would have happened if we weren't home? Right now Olive Oil is in a small box in the boats, sports, and travel room sleeping away. and her burrow is completely filled with water. The rain has stopped now just in time for me to go to school. See you guess later and scroll down!