Wednesday, June 2, 2010

High School/ Lacy's Baby

I AM A HIGH SCHOOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was my last day of middle school forever! I love Tarkanian and will miss it tons. Now in three months I will be going to Desert Oasis High School and I cant wait! No time for a break though, this summer will be super busy. I have a dance recital on Saturday, summer school in a week or two (I am NOT failing just to make that clear, I'm taking it for the extra elective in DOHS) and tennis starts up pretty soon too. Summer school is early in the morning and tennis later at night.
These are the courses I'm taking in DOHS:
Geometry 1 Honors
Biology 1 H
Spanish 2 H
(one second its 11:11 got to make a wish.......)
Theatre 1
English 1 H
Dance 1
On another note Jojo is coming down for my little bro's, Gage, graduation from 5th grade and i am so excited to see her.
Also want to give a shout out to my 2nd cuz Lacy and her hubby Blake who's baby girl is due any second now. She will be beautiful and can't wait to meet her!