Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey!!!! Yesterday I had my first dance recital in about 4 years! I wont lie though I HATED the costumes! They had nothing to do with the dance and were so cheap. But on another note the company girls had like six different dances and they were amazing! For there last dance they had huge high heels on that looked so hard to dance in! After the recital we went to the elephant bar and we had the same waiter (Hunter) as we did when we went with Yoshi (Josh). Grandpa John came down and my Grandma Cindy would have but she is sick and couldn't make it (hope she feels better!).
I'm so excited for this week because i start my Jr. Lifeguard program and summer dance classes. I'm doing Lifeguards with my BFFs Landrey and Taylor so I get to spend time with them. Then the next weekend I'm going to Mesquite for fathers day from the 19th - 22nd where I get to see Grandpa John again and my Utah family. After that the Utah family and us get a four day break before we go down there!


  1. Good thing Gage wasn't there to break all of the crayons!

  2. hey girly!watsss up!? hope u are having a funn time in mesquite!lylas!ps-go on my blog when u get a chance:)
    -taylor :D

  3. dude!!! idk when you are going to c dis but i am in tulsa, OK and my luggage for camp isnt here!!!! im on my grandpa kiddos laptop writing frantically and you are going to be the only one to know this beside my mom dad siblings and rj and grandpa kiddo. i leave tomorrow at like 8 and the ppl at the stupid airport in vegas who were working the conveyor belt to put the bags on the plane cudnt manually put on trunks duffles and suitcases. ugh! the belt broke and becuz of low wages,,, they decided to ruin our lives!