Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every year on the last day of school my teachers say ," Come back in one piece" , "Be careful!!!" or " Promise me you wont get hurt and read a book" is the latest (Ms. Finley ). Well I'm only two days into summer and I've already broke that promise. I pulled my muscle that connects your abs to your chest. Yesterday it hurt constantly and it just proves how much you use your abs. Well I had to Advil's yesterday and went to sleep with an ice pack and now it feels fine which is a relief because I have a dance recital today!!!! I should probably tell you how I pulled it huh? Me and mom were working out and I was using her Bose Ball (Not gonna be using that for awhile). So wish me luck for my recital!


  1. Hello Phenix,
    I hope you feel better and that your recital went well.
    Thanks for your comment about Toby. It was so fun to take their pictures and exciting to see how happy they were.
    Tell everyone hello for us.
    Love ya, Karen

  2. I am glad you got better Phen. I bet you dance as well as your mom. I remember watching her during half-time during your dad's and my brother's basketball games in high school. She was amazing. You are too!
    Love Ya!!!