Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleep over!

Last night I had a sleep over with Tay and Landrey! It was so fun we made rice krispies treats and had ice cream.

I also showed them my all time favorite movie, Lost Boys! I love that movie but you never realize how gory a movie is tell I watch it with someone else.

Speaking of movies I've been watching a lot lately on TV. These include, 300, Field of Dreams, and Double Jeopardy. 300 was so good! It was very fake though with the blood and gore (plus the fact it took place in ancient Greek with all the gods, immortals, and magicians helped). Double Jeapordy was very interesting and I couldn't stop crying in Fiels of Dreams.

We (Tay, Landrey and me) were looking at movie trailers that we want to see. Some of them include Soroity Row, Jennifer's Body, and Stepfather. They look so good!!


  1. your blog is so adorable:] i love it! i had a blast at the sleepover last night 2!

  2. Phen, I love the fact that you enjoy seeing horror movies..a girl after my own heart! If you want to watch a real classic, check out the original 1978 Halloween...It is awesome! And if your parents will allow it, Interview with the Vampire. They are 2 of my favorites!