Sunday, February 15, 2009

As you may or may not know in my middle school,Tarkain Middle ( Go sharks!!!), I am in a leadership class. We plan all the schools events including dances, pep rallys, spirt week, and tons more. Our latest adventure was a after school dance. Our school passed AYP last year so we got one night dance! It ran from six to eight and was on Friday for valentines day.

This is Landry (in the back) and Jordan messing around.
Mr. Horinger the boys basketball coach selling soda.
He didn't like me taking his picture.
The carnations I got to sell
This is part of the Leadership class. (there's about 40 of us)
Me and my bff Taylor.
Charmene and Katy.

Most of my friends left to right, Landry, Zoe, Taylor , and Jordan

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