Sunday, February 1, 2009

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!! We just won our 6th super bowl!!
Who voted for the cardinals besides tay on poll?


  1. Hey Steelers Fan! I wanted the Cardinals ;(

  2. I did! I always like the underdog.

  3. yello bortifous(hello-yo and beautiful-georgous)!i was just going through my music and hot n cold came on and i thought of you!!!!!!!! you are on my mind! oh and love the pic of you on the first day this year! you look beautiful! i voted for water just to let you know... tea is good but water is my absolute fav... and in case you didnt know already, soda makes my throat close up... so i thot water was best1 hehe. i was just thinking of you and thot id show it! haha... you are totally on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!
    lywamh(luv ya with all my heart)