Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey I know its been awhile so this post will be all over the place..............
Yesterday it was 80's day at school so I got all gussied up.

I got my report card today in school. I'm so excited I got all A's!!

I had a sleepover at Taylor's the other night, heres a bunch of pics I took.

This is (from the left) Katy, me, Taylor, and Paige.

Paige, me, Tay, Emily, and Katy.

Paige, me, and Tay.

Paige, Ashlyn, Tay, Emily, me, and Katy.

Happy almost Valentines Day! I can't wait, I love Valentines Day I'm even going to my schools lame-o dance.

Only a semester tell I'm a freshman!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so crazy!

Can't wait to see Grandma Jojo! She's coming down for my 14th B-Day and I'm so excited.

love you guys,

Phenix <3


  1. You look just like your mom...gorgeous! Oh and way to go with your grades!

  2. Way to go you straight A girl!!!!! I'm so-o-o-o
    proud of you. By the way you are beautiful!!
    Just like your mom. I'm happy your excited for us to come for your B-day, I can't wait. It seems like forever since I seen you guys. Miss you tons, and I'll see you soon. Love ya!! Jojo
    P.S. Your girlfriends are darling, tell Taylor hi for me.