Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holla :)
I just re-did the posters on my magnetic wall. Then I figured there was some other things that people haven't seen, so I took some pictures.
This is my desk. The large picture on the wall is me and my friend Tay (she had it made for me). The smaller one's above the mirror are the Couture mag covers for '53 and '67.
My bed. In the far right on the hook there is my ballet shoes on top, mom's jazz shoes from when she was little and on the bottom are Grandma Jojo's point shoes. My lovely posters! On them you will find Kellan Lutz, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, the rest of the Twilight Saga crew and many others. (including a very small one of Johnny Depp dressed as the Mad Hatter =P)

The beautiful Chandelier my mother picked out.

Sadly, my Great Grandma Johnson just passed away. On Valentines weekend we went down to Utah for the funeral.

This is a view of the mountains on the drive down.

For Valentines Day Gage, my cousins Tray and Quinn, Jojo and I decorated cup cakes. We had tons of fun and they turned out pretty good!

Tray, Quinn, and Gage.

Tray's ying-yang cupcake.

Just a sample of our amazing work!!

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  1. I love your new posts! Can't wait to see your room in person. Our cupcake night was so-o-o-o much fun. My most favorite thing in this whole wide world is being with my GRANDkids. I love you so much, can't wait for a big hug from you and Gage. See you soon sweetheart. XOXOXO Jojo